Is She Really Hot? Sweating!

Why I speak English is I want funny conversations.

I want to know what people think and need.
So, listening is very important for me and asking.
Languages help me for that.English,Japanese,etc.
Thank you for visiting this website. I’m web engineer KIJI.

ITを勉強してラクに生産性を上げたい IT寺子屋 バナー

When I have a communication,sometimes my English doesn’t work.
Because wrong word,accent and grammar.
But,I don’t care,keep speaking until they understand what I want to tell.
That spends a long time,gives me fun.

I’ve never think I want to speak English,just want to understand what they think,need,want.And I use languages,sometimes drawing picture.
If my English was wrong,people teach me correct.
For example,in summer We had a party in my friend’s home.
A lady is sweating.She looks like want to an iced water.And I said to my male friend,”She is hot!.”
He roughed loudly and told me a correct word.So I never forget between sweating and hot.

My not good English give me fun and opportunity to learn.
Thank you so much MR.LANGUAGE,God.


英語や中国語が話せるようになりたいですか? 少しずつ一緒に覚えましょ。


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